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Maybe it's because I was born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico that I prefer warm weather, salty water and a slow-paced day to almost any other. But somehow Brooklyn has started to feel like home too, even on my busiest days when I'm surrounded by flowers and buckets of water and trying to deliver arrangements that brighten people's days through crazy Manhattan traffic.


Still through it all, my creative work reflects my favorite memories, which always seem to go back to the moments I've spent with the people I love the most. 


With those in mind, I work with the seasons to create a natural, organic style, finding surprising elements and color palettes to make each arrangement special. Each piece is unique, often ethereal, and captures how it feels to be surrounded by the people you love; it's comforting and surprising.

Most nights after work, you can find me in my tiny kitchen cooking for my husband David, learning new crafts, and sitting on my couch watching Netflix while I sink into great online shopping. We're still searching for the best taco spot in the city!


I've been featured in Brides, Wedding Chicks,100 Layers Cake, Green Wedding Shoes and Joy Wed.

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